Due to lots of interesting changes in my life, it's been a hot minute since my last post. It's still changing, and I'm sure many people have crazy experiences during COVID. Don't worry, I still have lots of things in mind for the future of this blog. Definitely still plant-based living, but I might change the way I present the information.

Who knows, I might rebrand into just my name or something. I realized there are many different things that I'm interested in, and I do extensive research and testing in random things such as the stock market or what squats do to the body. It's a little misleading for people to show up to It Has Vegun and find out it's not all about veganism.

What I really want to do is share my many interests with you. I dedicate a lot of free time just browsing the Internet for facts and information rather than social media. Things that improve my life (or at least attempt to).

Thank you for sticking with me! I really hope to grow this blog into something that I feel isn't restricted, but rather a glimpse at a certain lifestyle.