Where's my registration email?

Try checking the spam and Promotional inboxes.

Do you track my data?

  • Absolutely not! In a Brave browser, you might notice a cross-site tracker from Stripe, a payment system similar to PayPal. This is to verify if you're an It Has Vegun member, so don't worry!
  • For the sake of transparency, I use GoAccess rather than Google Analytics to prevent third-party creepy crawlies. I only want to see visitor counts, which posts were viewed, and which websites directed users to my blog. (On a side note, I really don't understand why people want to view so much data. It's scary.)

Occasionally, if I believe in the product and it makes sense to link it. Otherwise, I don't want to spam you with flashy deals and ads. That's what subscribing as a paid member prevents!

Are you accepting BAT?

Only on Twitter for now (there's a tip button). I'm currently having issues with setting up my creator account for this blog. But I really appreciate your support in the crypto community! You can also donate Bitcoin here:


Need more help?

Contact me via Twitter!