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Who do you imagine a vegan to be?

Most of the time, I hear people say vegans (especially) are thin, gaunt, and eat expensively. It's a difficult lifestyle that makes our omnivorous friends feel defensive of their own food choices, as if we force them to eat beans instead of meat, -or else-. We become outcasts and eventually give up our goals or walk the path alone.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Everyone is unique. You can be a writer, programmer, entertainer, athlete, and/or soldier and -still- eat a plant-based diet. Why does it matter what you eat? What matters more is how we get along.

Here, I'll post content that I deeply care about. Things like balancing nutrition, exercise ideas, airsoft, and much more. They are all interconnected in more ways than one. I hope to help you find your path to achieve not just the success and happiness of one, but many.

Also, who says you can't be a vegan and like tacticool stuff?